Private capital, social conscience.

Private capital,

social conscience.

Our ethos

Invest. Improve. Do good

Invest. Improve

and Do good

The time has come to prove that there is a better way of doing business that is both: more rewarding financially and a positive force for everyone in the world. We exist to give capitalism a human heart that beats for everyone and continues to beat for generations to come.

We are cultivating a regenerative system of businesses which re-write:

  • What it means to work for a living  
  • What it takes to generate and sustain superior financial returns 
  • What entire business networks powered by being human and centred around data, technology and creativity look like

Through the power of leadership, we are creating the best workplaces in the world. They will be places and sources of belonging, ambition, empowerment, intellectual stimulation, fulfilment and fun.

We will inspire a new wave of capitalism for the 21st century and beyond. A vibrant regenerative system by design, it will channel a significant part of the investment returns into social impact projects. Together, we can restore belief in the idea that abundance for all is within our gift.


Investment profile

We are looking to support European businesses in the FinTech space with existing revenues c. €5m – €50m.

We want to invest in companies that can blend the best of today’s financial technology with an ability to extend financial protection and empowerment to those currently excluded.

Our management team and expert network have extensive experience in building technology companies, helping them scale and develop their cultures. We will be offering a platform of shared services in the practice areas of digital marketing, data science and advanced technology solutions.

Team 53˚

Eva Bishop

Salma Kalisvaart

Jason Loucopoulos

Anne Sheedy

Chris Slater

Jason Stockwood

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Today, most workplaces lack the natural qualities you and I need to fully thrive as humans. Somehow, we were made to believe that today’s denatured work environments are financially successful because they force the people in and around them to clip deeply human and healthy personal qualities. In fact, the reverse is true. Clipping human qualities limits financial performance and denies positive societal impact.

For much of my professional life, I have worked in senior positions in global corporations, where I used my background in the law – the rules that guide the structures and dynamics of our relationships – to help people and organisations excel at what they set out to do. I have experienced first hand that we can be commercially and financially highly successful when we don’t compromise on what it means to be human.

Now we need to take it to the next level.

In the past, I have created a space for people to do better work and live fuller lives while working within the cultural constraints of international Logistics, FMCG and Oil & Gas companies.

What will we make happen when I join forces with a handful of like-hearted business people to build an investment portfolio of entrepreneurial companies to nurture and scale?
What if we design, bring to life and establish workplaces infused with all the natural qualities for everyone to thrive in?

What if we commit to generating superior financial rewards for our shareholders and then use the majority of our returns to fund social causes?

You are about to find out.


I have spent a lot of time thinking about whether it is possible to combine my personal aspirations and corporate ambition in the workplace. For most of my career I’ve pursued the latter and sought but not found enough opportunities to fulfil the former. Trying to redress the imbalance has proven challenging. In today’s modern workplaces, it shouldn’t be a binary choice.

This gulf between what we are doing at work and what the world needs from our corporations led me to explore alternative frameworks from values-based banking to “holistic” approaches to management and gave new meaning to my experience in investment banking. Leadership and organisational culture will be the vital ingredient in reimagining the practical ways we create success and deliver purpose in our companies.

At 53°, I’m excited about supporting our ambitious management teams to scale brilliant businesses whilst creating the best workplaces for their employees. It marks the beginning of a journey to create lasting social and economic vitality within our portfolio companies as well as creating a replicable method for generating superior returns that can be taken beyond 53° for greater impact.

M&A Director

The majority of my professional career has been spent in investment banking and corporate finance, and after 10 very enjoyable and successful years I was ready for a fresh opportunity, something that would challenge me, inspire me and change my perspective on working practices and environments.

When the concept and thesis of 53° was described to me, as well as the backgrounds of Jason and Chris in scaling market leading companies through the deployment of cutting-edge technology and innovation, all the while maintaining human, friendly and inclusive business practices, I was immediately attracted to the opportunity.

Having spent the majority of my career on the sell-side, I was drawn to the idea of buy-side and the opportunity to work with and support management teams and portfolio companies as they transition through their growth cycles. Led by Jason and Chris, 53° offered a unique opportunity to work with a group of inspirational, highly successful people, all with diverse backgrounds, a common goal to do good, passionate about progressive and agile workplace cultures and a firm belief in value creation, equality, fairness and opportunity for all stakeholders.

The combination and depth of expertise throughout the team offers a truly differentiated proposition to management teams, shareholders and like-minded entrepreneurs looking to partner with the right investor.


After nearly 15 years working in Private Equity I know how well the model can work. I have seen Private Equity drive positive change and innovation, re-invorigate management teams and inject much-needed funds into under-capitalised businesses. I know that away from the short-termism of the public markets real attention can be paid to long term value-creation.

But for many in the PE world the definition of value is limited to financial return, and other stakeholders suffer as a result. All based on a discredited belief that a commitment to environmental, social and governance performance would drive down profits and returns to their investors.

With 53° I feel there is a real opportunity to take the best of private equity – the drive, the innovation, the expertise – and create something new. To create a business and to work with people who know it is possible to deliver market-leading financial returns whilst creating a positive, sustainable legacy.

Partner & Founder

I feel privileged to have had the chances that have been given to me of the last 40 years. The family and friends I have been brought up around. The free education that was put on a plate for me. And the opportunities that have been given to me at work.

True. I have worked hard. Whilst the industry set a low bar, I challenged the status quo, creating a business that has stood out from its peers in terms of technological vision, a desire to deliver value for all stakeholders and grounded in a necessity to have some fun along the way. I am proud of the lives it has impacted and the success it continues to have.

But I don’t feel I have worked harder than the next person and I want the same opportunities to be created for my own kids, indeed, every child, irrespective of their social background or postcode.

I have learnt along the way that capital, and where and how it flows, has created a world of inequality that is both unfair and unjust. By creating 53° I want to go some way to redressing this balance.

Applying the expertise I have learnt of scaling a successful, global FinTech business, with a desire to work with ambitious, socially minded entrepreneurs, I believe there is a new model of capitalism that can redress the balance and replenish the hearts of societies lost on the destructive path of the past. 53° is the foundation of that model. A new model that my kids will read about at school and tell their friends that their dad did that.

Partner & Founder

The true value of a business can only be assessed in terms of its full social impact and I believe that focussing on profit alone is no longer enough. We now need something new, something broader in its ambition and scope. It is time to take a broader definition of value creation and build a sustainable alternative to the old models of extractive capitalism. To redefine how wealth is created, both financially and in the hearts of everyone involved in creating a company. To reboot the established ways of working to create places of work that have a real sense of meaning and belonging where all stakeholders are considered.

I founded 53° with Chris and the team to ignite systemic, sustainable change in the world of business. To utilise our decades worth of experience building digital businesses with award winning cultures. To evidence a replicable culture of ambition, fun and belonging as we create true value. Value for our investors. Value for the entrepreneurs we support. Value for society at large.

I founded 53° to make my children proud by taking an active hand in creating a fairer future for everyone. This will be done by creating superior investment returns and by directing the profits from this venture into social projects.